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Trinity Terpenes produces award-winning and internationally recognized terpene focused products.

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Feel all the feels, taste all the flavors. Our Terpenes are found in products around the world including vapes, drinks, tinctures, joints and candies just to name a few. Come explore premium terpene infused products from Trinity Terpenes! 

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Terpy Terps - A Unique Terpene Experience
Terpy Terps - Terp Joints

TerpJoints are tasty premium indoor prerolls drenched in strain specific cannabis derived terpenes.  Visit a partner dispensary in California or shop our hemp CBD prerolls today!

Terp Strains

Use to recreate aroma, flavor and effect of Cannabis in CBD and THC products like Vapes, Tinctures and Edibles. Does not contain cannabis.

Terpy Terps - Terp Bites

TerpBites are tasty strain specific terpene-infused gummy bites.  Natural flavors paired with cannabis derived terpenes make a unique terpene experience.  Find them in California dispensaries or shop our terpene infusions today!


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